Cool Blue For Decoration Of Living Room

By | February 7, 2019

Decorate living room as stylish as inviting will be our post today. And most designers prefer to use warm hues to décor it. Now, I am going to show that cool color like blue is an eye catching color that can be used to make your living room wonderful. So, don’t be afraid of breaking the line to décor your living room.

In fact, blue which pictures masculine can depict feminine too. It is because blue has some wonderful gradations so that you won’t feel bored of it. Then, you can use it either as the main or additional color to your living room. If you want to make it as the main color, you can use it to the wall painting or other furniture colored with deep blue. On the other hands, you can also use this color as the additional soft touch of the other bright colors used in your living room.

Because of its beauty, blue can be designed instripped and patterned too. As shown in the pictures, there are beautiful patterned sofas and cozy stripped carpet using blue. Both deep and soft blue are interesting. Then it is your turn to decide using which blue to perfect your living room. However, be careful of mixing blue with another blue for blue meets blue doesn’t always mean wonderful.